AUA! contest that we held for the first time in 2019, was held with the theme “Mental Health : Projects and Approaches” in 2020. yılında düzenlediğimiz AUA 2020 yılında “Aklımızda Sağlık Var” teması ile ikinci kez düzenledi. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak that the whole world has experienced since March 2020, we held our event live on the online platform. The applications process was started with announcements through our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook) and our website ( in the second half of April, from that point on we evaluated over 100 applications. In the evaluations we made, while 15 groups were eligible for the semi-finals, it was decided that 5 groups would qualify for the final with the public vote and the decision of our jury.

The winning project was authored by Ali Mirzaei (Pharmacy), Esra Ünal (Industrial Engineering) and Mohammadreza HaghBın Azar (Industrial Engineering), who participated with their projects called Mavi Kelebek. Their project’s aim was to contribute in special education of children with autism to increase their social skills and development while using mobile application with AR and VR technologies and gamification techniques. The project was awarded 25.000 Turkish Liras, ipad and internship in Angelini Turkey.

Meanwhile, the runners up, with their project entitled “Çember-X” authored by Ahmet Berk Tuzcu (Electrical Electronics Engineering & Physics), Ali Küçüknane (Psychology & English Language and Comparative Literature), Bora Berke Şahin (Computer Engineering & Physics), İlke Uysal (Chemical and Biological Engineering & Psychology), Zehra Gül (Mechanical Engineering & Business) were awarded 15.000 Turkish Liras and internship at Angelini Turkey.

Our esteemed jury members Prof. Dr. Nesrin Dilbaz (Psychiatry Professor) made a speech with the title “Burnout Syndrome” and conveyed to us what the syndrome itself is and how to cope. Furthermore, Dr. Sertaç Doğanay (Technology Communicator, Academician, Influencer on LinkedIn) made a speech with the title “Surviving the Age of Digital Transformation” and explained the place and effects of technology in our lives today, how this will affect and perhaps take more place in the future. We appreciate both speeches from our jury members.

Angelini Turkey Country Manager Ozgur Ozdinc made a speech to mark the opening of the ceremony with the encouraging words “As Angelini Pharma, we attach importance to being digital and digitalization, we decided to organize our contest on the online platform instead of postponing it to share the same excitement with you even if we could not come face to face. Organizing such an event was a first for us as well. We hope it will be an exciting and fun event for everyone. I would like to thank our teams working in the background for our event and our jury members who are here with us today, our students and all our participants.”

We would kindly like to extend our gratitude to our Angelini Turkey family, our jury members Prof. Dr. Nesrin Dilbaz, Dr. Sertaç Doğanay, Gaye Erçalışkan, İlker Örsal ve Özgür Özdinç, as well as Ceren Akdağ, who hosted our event, for accompanying us on this meaningful day and for their support.

As Angelini Turkey, we believe this contest will deepen our relationships with our stakeholders and will play an important part to increase the awareness and the visibility of Angelini Pharma on different platforms.