The scope of the “AUA!22/23” is “Less Pain, More Life - Projects & Approaches”. University students are invited to propose projects in the strands that relate to this topic.

In this context, approaches from economic, humanistic, financial, creative and technological natures may apply, particularly those in the following fields of knowledge: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Social Service, Social Entrepreneurship and Development, Psychology and Sociology, Economics and Management.

Below are some suggestions of themes for project that may be undertaken under the scope of the Contest:

  • New Pain measurement criteria and classification criteria
  • New pharmacological products for pain management
  • Pain diagnosis and treatment technology
  • Alternative and complementary treatments for pain relievers
  • Pain counseling
  • Active Aging
  • Physical exercise programs for pain relief
  • The relationship of pain with the brain and nervous system / awareness and alternative methods
  • Working life and pain
  • Pain prevention methods, ergonomics – programs and usability in workplaces
  • Pain prevention trainings
  • Relationship between Stress, Anxiety and Pain
  • Relationship between Physical Activities and Pain
  • Pain and Sleep relation
  • Travel and Pain
  • Pain and Heat Therapy
  • Pain and Sports
  • Seasonal Pains
  • Working Life and Pain
  • Physical Literacy