Angelini University Awards! (AUA!) was held for the first time in Turkey in the year that we celebrate Angelini Centenary.

The AUA! Turkey theme for this year was: “Better Nutrition, Better Health”. Under the heading of “Nutrition and Health”, we reached out to many students through our website and our social media pages (e.g. Instagram, Facebook). 115 groups applied online and 43 projects were selected for the first phase.

After the evaluation by our jury, 17 groups qualified for the second phase and proceeded to present their projects in the AUA ceremony which was held on 27th of November at Feriye Palace, Istanbul. From the 17 presentations, the jury and the audience collectively selected the winner and the runner up.

The winning project is authored by two students; Civil Engineering major Umut Ulas Tarhan and Chemistry major Pınar Tıglı from Bogazici University (BOUN) with their project entitled “Look Behind!”.

The project is based on packaged products which everyone buys in their daily lives. The aim of this project is to increase awareness of consumers to check the ingredients of products before purchasing them, therefore, to prevent or mitigate the consumption of potentially hazardous ingredients in processed food. To make this possible, they designed and created a phone application that displays the ingredients of the product on the phone screen when the phone camera hovers over the product label.

The winning project was awarded 25.000 Turkish Liras, a 2-day trip to Italy and internship in Angelini Turkey. Meanwhile, the runners up, with their project entitled “Improvement of Nutritional Conditions of Diabetes” authored by Industrial Engineering major Sıla Aksoy and Business Administration major Meryem Erkoc from Bilkent University were awarded 15.000 Turkish Liras and internship at Angelini Turkey.

Our esteemed jury members Taylan Kumeli (Professor of Nutrition and Diet, Influencer on Instagram) made a speech with the title “7 Diet Trends Around the World in 2019” and explained these 7 trends and their sustainability. Furthermore, Med. Dr. Sertaç Doğanay (Technology Communicator, Academician, Influencer on LinkedIn) made a speech with the title “Future Jobs and evaluation of Technology” and showed the quadratic speed of technology, where it is now and how it is expected to change in the future. We appreciate both speeches from our jury members.

Angelini Turkey Country Manager Ozgur Ozdinc made a speech to mark the opening of the ceremony with the encouraging words “Please don’t give up trying. Chances like this will always come to you in your life and when the chance knocks on your door, make sure to be behind that door.”

We would kindly like to extend our gratitude to our Angelini Turkey family, our jury members Taylan Kumeli and Sertac Doganay; Berna Tepsi, Ozgur Ozdinc, as well as our much appreciated guests from Angelini Pharma, Conceicao Martins and Edoardo Bartoli for joining and supporting us on this meaningful day.

As Angelini Turkey, we believe this contest will deepen our relationships with our stakeholders and will play an important part to increase the awareness and the visibility of Angelini Pharma on different platforms.